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Market Share Overview, Impact, How To Increase

Customers know what they want to see, so one way businesses can increase their market share is by asking them. Horizontal integration is the acquisition, merger, or expansion of a business that increases the market share in its existing industry. Companies with the highest high market share market share in their industries almost invariably have the most skilled and dedicated employees. Bringing the best employees on board reduces expenses related to turnover and training, and enables companies to devote more resources to focus on theircore competencies.

  • Another example of an oligopoly is the global market for smartphones.
  • Underdog competitors are constantly chipping away at the stable company’s share.
  • For instance, incentives such as referral programs and free shipping can generate extra interest and added sales.
  • Phase II of the PIMS project, completed in late 1973, reveals 37 key profit influences, of which one of the most important is market share.
  • Every industry has a target group, and each company within an industry accounts for a percentage of that market.

Unfortunately, there has been little discussion of either the problems of market-share management facing the high market-share company or of the actions it should consider. Much has been written about how a company should go about attaining increases in its market share, but little about what it should do once it has attained a large share. That is the question we shall consider here, but first we shall discuss the way in which a business decides on its optimal market share.

In addition, it can also grow the size of its market share by appealing to other audiences ordemographics. Nonetheless, evidence is still needed to prove that a company assuming the role of consumer champion, with all the expense this entails, is compensated in terms of either market share or lower risk. It seems to be a part that only one company in each industry can play meaningfully, since others are typed as weak imitators. Both economic theory and empirical evidence suggest that profitability increases with market share.

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Company A, therefore, has a 25% Market share while that of company B is 40%. This 25% – 40% gap may not worry company A if its products are priced higher and generating more profits. However, company A may want to try some strategies to win more Market share if it seeks to beat company B. Next, calculate the company’s total sales revenues over that period. A likely explanation for this is that when buyers are fragmented, they cannot bargain for the unit cost advantage that concentrated buyers receive, thus allowing higher profits for the large-share business.

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One such example is the $2.1 billion in fines for monopoly practices laid on firms in the pharmaceutical industry of the United States between 1991 and 2015. However, monopolies are tolerated or even promoted in certain situations. One case in which they are tolerated is in a natural monopoly situation. A natural monopoly occurs when the barriers for any firm to enter are naturally high. Hence, firms such as Indian Railways, one of the biggest employers in the world, are able to operate in a monopoly.

We shall now discuss the various strategies a company can use either to attain or maintain this optimal share or to shift it to a higher level. When these factors begin to offset further gains in production and distribution efficiency, the optimal market share has been reached. Companies seeking to enlarge their share of market may have to carry extra costs of legal work, public relations, and lobbying to defend their larger market share against criticism and regulation. The degree of risk depends on the resources of the other parties.

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Obviously, then, the ROI differential is smaller when buyers are somewhat concentrated. In this case, powerful buyers tend to bargain away some of the seller’s cost differential by holding out for low prices. Still another possible explanation of the declining purchases-to-sales ratio for large-share businesses might be that they charge higher prices, thus increasing the base on which the percentage is figured. Why do profit margins on sales increase so sharply with market share? To answer this, it is necessary to look in more detail at differences in prices and operating expenses. Founded in the year India got its Independence , Atul is one of the largest integrated chemical companies of India.

Compared to the complex branding and promotion strategies that other corporations employ, focusing on customers’ retention is an economical way to gain Market share. For example, let’s look at some high-caliber investment management companies like Waddell and Reed. To grow the company’s Market share, these companies focus more on relationships and recommendations.

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Global market share is a key indicator for a company’s competitiveness as it is largely independent of macroeconomic fluctuations and directly comparable across companies. The measures we used for relative price and relative quality are not, of course, directly comparable. Thus it is impossible to determine which is greater—the price premiums earned by market leaders, or the differential in the quality of their products. But it is clear that the combination of significantly higher prices and quality represents a unique competitive position for market leaders. ROI is, of course, dependent on both the rate of net profit on sales and the amount of investment required to support a given volume of sales.

The common man might have heard of a product called ‘Soframycin’. Polson is engaged in business of Manufacturing and selling of Synthetic Organic Tanning Substance for Domestic and Export market. It’s still a small-cap company with market cap of around 4200 crore. That’s where you have to do your research in finding whether the company is worth investing in.

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For very large-scale buyers, custom-designed components and special formulations of materials that are purchased on long-term contracts may offer “order of magnitude” economies. Each subgroup contains a diversity of industries, types of products, kinds of customers, and so on. The platform is constantly adding more original shows and tightening its algorithm to cater to its customers. This constant refining of the platform led to a 2014 report that Netflix had a 90% market share in the streaming service market. Companies usually acquire companies to gain a larger market share or expand their suite of products. While the former can lead to an increase in market share among social media revenue, the latter can lead to an increase in market share among Cloud OS revenue.

Market share is the percentage of an industry, or a specific market’s total sales revenue that a particular company earns over a specified period of time. To calculate the Market share, first determine a time period, then take the company’s sales over that period and divide it by the relevant industry’s total sales over the same period. You have definitely heard the term “Market share” if you have been in the industry or worked for a major corporation for some time. While even mid-to-low-level employees are familiar with the term and fully comprehend why Market share is critical for business growth, very few truly understand what Market share is.

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At different levels of market share, a company’s risk also changes. Risk is high for low market-share companies, declines as market share increases, and then increases again at very high share levels. Risk starts to fall with increased market share because an organization can engage in more market research, operate better information systems, recruit more experienced marketing personnel, and spend more on marketing. There are a number of strategies a company can put to work to increase market share. The experience of the businesses in the PIMS data pool, summarized in Exhibit VI, indicates that only large-share businesses are generally able to harvest successfully.

MRF wants to maintain the iconic status as the costliest share in India. Founded in 1946 as ‘Madras Rubber Factory Limited’, the company is currently the largest manufacturer of tyres in India and 14th largest in the world. The greatest cricketer of the current generation – Virat Kohli – also proudly holds an MRF bat. While some design elements have stayed the same, such as the logo and base system design, upgrades have been applied to match the times.

In these markets, the aggregate pie is constantly getting bigger, so firms will still gain profits even though they lose Market share. The production of firms in this situation is more influenced by revenue growth and margins than other factors. Imagine a US-based Electronics Company named ABC has grossed $4 million in televisions. The total market grossed $100 million during the same time period.

The Community producers’ market share of the Community market show a steady decline, from a 63 % market share in 1997 to a 44 % market share in 2001. Both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have been the butt of dependency strategies. Similarly, the supposedly independent FTC has not found itself totally immune from pressures by elected officials, since Congress appropriates its budgets and the President appoints its commissioners. The high market-share company also has to cope with antitrust initiatives taken by the government.

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